INFINITI™ Analyzer


The INFINITI™ Analyzer is an automated, multiplexing, continuous flow, random access microarray platform that integrates all the discrete test processes such as sample handling, reagent management, hybridization, stringency and detection for the analyses of DNA into a totally self-contained system. The analyzer features a built-in confocal microscope with two lasers, a thermal stringency station and a temperature cycler for denaturing nucleic acids for allele-specific primer extension. The analyzer is designed to operate in a random access mode. To avoid contamination of samples or reagents, disposable pipette tips are used for each step in the assay. This eliminates the use of pumps, plumbing or tubing resulting in minimal biohazardous liquid waste.

INFINITI Analyzer is an instrument used for clinical multiplex systems intended to measure and sort multiple signals from clinical sample. The INFINITI analyzer is designed to measure fluorescence signals of labeled DNA target hybridized to BioFilmChip™ microarrays. The INFINITI Analyzer automates assay and integrates all the discrete processes of sample (PCR amplicon) handling, reagent management, hybridization, detection, and results analysis. The assays are processed automatically and read by the built-in confocal microscope. Results are analyzed and presented in numerical and graphical format.

The INFINITI Analyzer hardware is controlled by the Qmatic operating software which is installed within the on-board computer and utilizes an LCD screen display. The INFINITI analyzer pipetting and optics modules are controlled by multitasking real time software. The Qmatic operating software has a schedule manager that is capable of controlling all operations of the INFINITI Analyzer such as assay protocol, fluid handling, robotics, optical detection and results analysis. Results are available for review via the LCD screen.

The INFINITI Analyzer has been designed to operate on a "Load N Go" concept. To run an application the operator generates a work list, loads the samples, BioFilmChip™ microarray magazines, reagent modules and walks away.

The INFINITI Analyzer uses a proprietary film-based microarray technology that combines sophisticated process automation, reagent management and software technology to deliver "sample-to-result" without manual intervention. It offers random access operation, unparalleled workflow improvements and cost efficiencies for the laboratory.