AutoGenomics Launches the INFINITI® FMF Panel

Carlsbad, CA, December 21, 2010 - AutoGenomics, a leader in providing automated molecular testing solutions, announced today that it has launched a new test, the INFINITI FMF Panel, designed for the identification of genetic mutations associated with Familial Mediterranean Fever. These genetic mutations are prominently present in the Armenian people, Sephardic Jews, Greeks, Arabs and Turks. The INFINITI FMF Panel provides simultaneous multiplexed determination of 13 genetic variants on the automated INFINITI Analyzer.

"We are very excited to introduce the first automated molecular assay that detects mutations related to Familial Mediterranean Fever" said Fareed Kureshy, President and CEO of AutoGenomics. "Classical methods for identifying these mutations have always revolved around sequencing, a complicated and time consuming process. Our INFINITI FMF Panel will finally bring testing for these mutations to a more manageable scale."

"Familial Mediterranean Fever is a very serious problem in affected populations," said Omer Sen, President and CEO of the CDK Group, the distributor of AutoGenomics products in Turkey. "We are very happy that AutoGenomics has taken the initiative to provide us with such a critical tool while also offering the most comprehensive test panel." He further said, "We have launched this novel product successfully at the recently held 9th National Medical Genetics Congress in Istanbul."

The AutoGenomics INFINITI FMF Panel is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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AutoGenomics launches the INFINITI® FMF Panel