INFINITI® High Throughput System

Vista, CA, February 5, 2014 - AutoGenomics has launched its latest high throughput instrument, the INFINITI® High Throughput System. Designed to provide semi-automated multiplexed DNA analysis in an open front end system, the new platform provides highly flexible and scalable throughput from 96 to 3,456 samples tested in just 1 shift. The launch of this instrument is meant to meet the needs of the evolving genetic testing market, which now places a higher emphasis on throughput and scalability than just specialization alone.

“The HTS allows us to meet the growing emphasis that modern molecular laboratories are placing on throughput and flexibility”, said Jim Canfield, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AutoGenomics. “This new platform positions AutoGenomics to be the solution of choice for this new generation of power users.”

The new system is compatible with the existing menu of more than 50 INFINITI® applications, including: HPV-HR, Bacterial Vaginosis, Candida Vaginitis, 2C19+, 2D6, 3A4/3A5, KRAS, BRAF, Ashkenazi Jewish Panel and Thrombo Panel.

About AutoGenomics
AutoGenomics Inc., a privately held company based in Vista, CA, has developed the first automated, microarray based multiplexing diagnostic platform that can be used to assess disease signatures with novel genomic and proteomic markers in the area of genetic disorders, infectious disease, cancer and pharmacogenetics. With the discovery of genes and their link to various disease states the platform has the versatility to revolutionize the way patients are diagnosed, monitored and managed, leading to the era of personalized medicine. For more information, please visit

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Jim Canfield
Vice President Sales & Marketing, AutoGenomics
760-477-2248 x 343

INFINITI® High Throughput System