INFINITI CYP450 2C19+ Assay

  • The INFINITI CYP450 2C19+ Assay is CE Marked.
  • The INFINITI CYP450 2C19+ is indicated for use as an aid to clinicians in determining therapeutic strategy for the therapeutics that are metabolized by the CYP 450 2C19 gene product.
  • The INFINITI CYP450 2C19+ utilizes the CYP450 2C19+ Intellipac, CYP450 2C19+ Amp Mix and CYP450 2C19+ BioFilmChip Microarray.
  • The INFINITI CYP450 2C19+ Assay is automated by the INFINITI Analyzer.
Analytes Detected: 
  • *2 (19154G>A)                       *7 (19294T>A)
  • *3 (17948G>A)                       *8 (12711T>C)
  • *4 (1A>G)                               *9 (12784G>A)
  • *5 (90033C>T)                       *10 (19153C>T)
  • *6 (12748G>A)                       *17 (-806C>T)
  • Multiplexed determination of 10 genetic variants on one BioFilmChip Microarray
  • Customized reports
  • Load & Go automated on the INFINITI/INFINITI PLUS Analyzer.
  • Replicate determinations on a single BioFilmChip Microarray ensures quality results.
Sample Type and Volume: 
  • Uses 0.2 - 2.0 mL of peripheral whole blood in EDTA (purple top) tube.
  • Requires 50 ng DNA / reaction
Clinical Relevance: 
  • CYP450 2C19 is an important member of the cytochrome P450 (CYP450) family of enzymes that functions to metabolize various common place drugs, such as mephenytoin (anticonvulsant often prescribed for epilepsy),
    proguanil (leading anti-malarial drug), and many antidepressants as well.1
Clinical Utility: 
  • An important characteristic of CYP450 2C19 is its racial heterogeneity; where it has been found that Asian populations exhibit the highest percent (15-20%) of genetic polymorphisms, while Caucasian populations exhibited the lowest percent (3-5%).2

  • In most of the cases evaluated, the presence of 2C19 polymorphisms resulted in the patients exhibiting no protein function and thus made them poor metabolisers of 2C19 regulated drugs.3
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CYP450 2C19+ CE