Welcome to the References page, where you can find external publications and literature that can enforce your understanding of molecular genetics and what we can achieve with this wonderful technology!

Precision Medicine Initiative Working Group Report - Sept. 17, 2015

By PMI Working Group. NIH. Link.

Can an old drug be taught new pharmacogenetic tricks?

By Elizabeth Silverman, CAP TODAY. Link. 

Efficacy of HPV-Based Screening for Prevention of Invasive Cervical Cancer

Follow-up of Four European Randomized Controlled Trials. Link.

A Comprehensive Array of Gene Panels Targeting Rare Inherited Diseases

By Dr. Corina Shtir, Director of Population Genomics at Thermo Fisher Scientific. Link.

Paving the Way for Personalized Medicine

FDA's Role in a New Era of Medical Product Development. Link.

Genetic Testing in Pain Medicine

Pain Medicine News - Educational Review. By Dr. Andrea Trescot. Link.

A Comparison of Genotyping Platforms for Pharmacogenomic Testing

By Dr. Mark Borgman, Director of Clinical Laboratory Operations at PGXL Laboratories. Link. 

Genetic Screening for Defects in Opioid Metabolism

Historical characteristics and blood levels. By Dr. Forest Tennant. Link.